CANCELED: Klaske Havik


NB! Klaske Haviks’s lecture has been canceled!

Klaske Havik is associate professor of Architecture, Methods & Analysis at Delft University of Technology, and was visiting professor in Tampere in 2015-17. She studied architecture in Delft and Helsinki, and literary writing in Amsterdam. 

Havik has developed a distinct research approach relating architectural and urban questions to literary language. Her book Urban Literacy. Reading and Writing Architecture (Nai010, 2014), developed a literary approach to architecture and urban regeneration.

As editor of the architecture journal OASE, she edited OASE#98 Narrating Urban Landscapes (Rotterdam: Nai010 2017) and OASE#95 Crossing Boundaries. Transcultural practices in architecture  (Rotterdam: NAi010).

Other publications include the books Architectural Positions. Architecture, Modernity and the Public Sphere (SUN 2009, with Tom Avermaete and Hans Teerds), Writingplace. Investigations in Architecture and Literature (2016), and “Writing Urban Atmospheres”, Chapter in Jonathan Charley (ed), Research Companion to Architecture and Literature, (London: Routledge, 2018). She initiated the Writingplace journal on architecture and literature in 2017. Havik’s literary work has appeared in Dutch poetry collections and literary magazines.    

As a practicing architect, Havik has been involved in the redevelopment of ship wharf NDSM in Amsterdam, and as architect and scholar she has closely followed urban development projects in Tallinn and Helsinki in the past decades.  

26.03.2020 18:00

26.03.2020 18:00